Winston-Salem, NC Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Services Near You

Garage Door Services Near You

Most of us don’t think much about our garage doors until we're stuck on the wrong side of a heavy door, but when it happens, you can't wait for it to be taken care of.

At ProTec Garage Door, we have technicians on standby ready to get your door working again at the following nearby locations:


New Garage Door Installations & Other Repairs in Winston-Salem, NC

You name it, and we can fix it or even prevent it. Our certified technicians can repair anything on any brand or type of garage door. We can troubleshoot extension springs, torsion springs, garage door openers, tracks, cables, pulleys, rollers, and more. We can also install new doors, door openers, remote controls, and keypads.

With our annual tune-ups, you'll be prepared for anything. We can perform diagnostics in as little as 15 minutes which saves you time and money in the long run. These tune-ups allow us to keep your door balanced and help extend the door's life and its parts. Our technicians can also diagnose small problems and suggest fixes before the minor issues become large ones.

By working with us, you get the extra comfort of knowing that you are working with a fully licensed and established North Carolina business. We work hard to provide quality service and affordable prices that you will be happy to share with your neighbors.

There have been reports of people in the Twin Cities finding companies online that looked local but routed customers to a call center that might not have even been in the United States. These websites have a variety of names. In some cases, they mimic local businesses. These websites are just working to attract local people with urgent issues and then sell the leads to anybody who will buy them.

Whether or not you choose us, we urge everyone to make sure that you understand who you are dealing with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Once we leave, your door will work as well as it ever has. In fact, it might even work better. This is because we use high-quality parts to fix your door and make sure it stays fixed. These are some of the highlights to remember about the parts and services that we offer our neighbors:

  • We use high-cycle springs that are made in the United States.
  • Our springs are rated at 25,000 to 30,000 cycles and could last as long as 20 years.
  • Our sealed nylon rollers dramatically reduce the noise of doors opening and closing and are rated for 100,000 cycles, so you should never have to replace them again.
  • Our parts and service are backed by the best warranties in the industry.

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