About ProTec Garage Door

About ProTec Garage Door

At ProTec Garage Door, we are proud to be an established, family-owned, and local company that does business right here in several North Carolina communities. As members of the communities that we serve, we thrive because of our hard-earned reputation for reliable service and good value. You can contact us 24 hours a day and seven days a week for urgent or emergency garage door repairs.

Of course, we are also available to offer you free estimates for all sorts of residential and commercial repairs, upgrades, and replacements. These services include the installation of new doors and openers, routine maintenance, and much more. If your problem has anything to do with garage doors in our service area, please give us a call.

Call now: (844)206-DOOR for urgent, emergency, or routine service. 

Routine and Emergency Services

We serve the following locations in North Carolina and surrounding cities:

Be wary of scam garage door websites: Sadly, there are marketing companies that make their living by creating service websites that only look like they represent local companies. When a customer calls the phone number from these sites, they simply get directed to a call center and not an actual local company. These companies don’t care about their long-term reputation or brand because they aren’t located in town. Very often, they aren’t even located in the country!

These marketing companies are simply in the business of using multiple websites for gathering and selling leads. If you end up calling one of these call centers, you have no idea what company will show up at the door of your home or business. We understand that you have choices when you decide to call a business for your garage door services. However, we hope you consider trusted a family-owned and established company in your own community. Here is a prime example.

Why Trust Us With Your Home and Business Garage Door Repairs?

At ProTec Garage Door, we believe it’s important to emphasize that we are a locally licensed garage door repair company. We try to use American parts when possible, and we always suggest services, parts, and supplies that offer a good value for our customers. We guarantee that the technicians who show up at your door are trained to offer you repairs and quotes in a very honest and transparent manner. These professional garage door service technicians are also friendly and experienced at what they do.

We can also offer sales and installation for many different kinds of garage door electronics. This includes remote controls, keypads, garage door openers, and more. More and more, homeowners use their doors as a point of entry and exit into the house, so the convenience of these electronic openers and accessories cannot be overstated. The openers can be programmed with your own unique code, and it is also simple to change these codes whenever you like.

These are very convenient for families, as it is often much easier to give kids a code than to trust them to hang onto a key! You can learn more about our garage door openers, remotes, and keypads here.

Repairs, Replacement, and Upgrades

Repairs, Replacement, and Upgrades

Our most common repair calls require us to replace broken extension or torsion springs, cables, hinges, and rollers. Many of our customers tell us that their garage works better than it ever did after we have finished. This is because we use our experience to choose parts that work quietly and efficiently. We also complete our tasks in as safe and efficient a manner as possible.

Repairing your own garage door isn’t always the best idea. For one thing, garage doors are actually the heaviest moving parts in the majority of buildings. Also, garage door springs operate under a tremendous amount of pressure in order to handle the workload of opening and closing these very heavy doors. Most home repair experts consider this a moderately dangerous and tough job, and it might be best left to experts.

Of course, repairing doors takes special tools and equipment that most home handymen don’t have around the house. Even figuring out the right size of door springs or cables to order takes some effort. Meanwhile, broken doors can represent a security hazard in your home, and you need to get them repaired quickly and correctly. For your own safety, you should never attempt to open or close a malfunctioning door. That’s why we hope you simply call us at ProTec Garage Door to do the job right and for an affordable price.


Correctly selecting and installing garage doors is also not a job for most home hobbyists. Again, garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds and are tough to manage. We offer free estimates. Very often, we can provide same-day service. We can install both commercial and residential garage doors in new or older homes and buildings.


Garage Door Tune Ups

Many homes and businesses open and close their garage door several times a day. Having a broken door is almost always inconvenient, and it could even be unsafe. Schedule annual tune-ups to help keep your door functioning longer and better. You can also call us if you experience any minor problems, and we will maintain your entire door before those small issues turn into big ones. Just like cars, garage doors last longer when they are properly maintained.

Contact Us Here at ProTec Garage Door

Contact Us Here at ProTec Garage Door

At ProTec Garage Door, we are always standing by to handle your emergency garage door repairs. Of course, we also offer free estimates and are available for routine and scheduled repairs, installations, and upgrades. If you have a broken spring, need a new door, or would like to enjoy the convenience of electronic garage door operators, we are the ones to talk to. You can find our email form on the Contact Page. Also, you are welcome to call us at any time: (844)206-DOOR

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