Seek Expert Service for Garage Door Replacement

Seek Expert Service for Garage Door Replacement

If you’re like most people shopping for a new garage door, you want to accomplish: getting a really good idea how your new door will look on your home before you buy it, showing it to people you trust to get their opinion and getting a price quote.

ProTec will help you to find the right style door and will go through a diagnostic process with your garage door, making sure your springs are strong enough, that all your weather stripping and insulation is in good shape and that your garage door opener is in good repair.

A garage is one of the most important components of a home, despite the fact that its maintenance is not at the top of the list of most homeowners. Apart from providing sufficient storage space, a well-kept, attractive looking garage adds to the value of a home. Hence, the significance of a proper functioning door cannot be overestimated.

A garage door can function efficiently and safely only if it is in impeccable condition. While regular checkup and maintenance is key to keeping the garage door in a solid condition, often, the entire garage door, its opener (or any part) needs to be completely replaced.

Several reasons can be attributed to a malfunctioning door, including lack of maintenance and wear and tear. The most obvious sign to consider replacing your garage door is if you have a broken, old or worn out garage door or other parts, such as hinges, springs, cables or wires. Similarly, you might want to consider getting your garage door replaced if it is making excessive noise, it cannot open or close properly, or it has huge dents, cracks or is beginning to rot due to extreme weather conditions. Equally important is for you to check your electricity bills, as the latest garage door models are more energy efficiency and as a result would result in reduced energy bills.

A new door plays a critical role in enhancing the overall visual appeal of your home and can give a significant boost to its market value. Garage doors come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials to suit your personal preference. Above all, freshly painted new garage doors can give a new life to your residence, in addition to addressing all your storage and safety needs.  We are proud dealer of Amarr, Haas Doors, Clopay, and Hormann garage doors.

If you are looking to replace a garage door then it is best to seek the services of a professional garage door installation and repair company. Let the professionals at ProTec replace your broken garage door with a resilient and reliable garage door.

ProTec is a family-owned business and all our garage door certified experts are pros in handling all aspects of garage door installation, maintenance or repair.

We offer installation, repair and replacement services for all types of major brands and models of garage doors and garage openers in CharlotteHickory, GreensboroMooresville and Winston-Salem. Furthermore, we also replace garage openers, torsion / extension springs, cables, rollers, safety sensors and more.

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