Mooresville, NC Garage Door Repair

Plenty of homeowners in the Piedmont are looking to improve the appearance and increase the value of their homes — one way to do this is through the replacement of garage doors.

You may wonder how a garage door can do anything to improve a house’s appearance. Isn’t every door the same? Actually, this could not be further from the truth. Let the experts at ProTec show you how big a difference a garage door can make! Here are some of the locations we service:

  • Cornelius
  • Davidson
  • Denver
  • Huntersville
  • Mooresville
  • Lincolnton

The right garage door adds value to your home.

Your garage door is one of the most important parts of your home’s exterior. It shows off your personality, allows you to give your home style and flair, and it is highly functional. Don't make your garage door an afterthought. Instead, make it an extension of your home that gives a good first impression. The right door will increase curb appeal, improve security and add value.

Let the professionals at ProTec help you choose and purchase the perfect door for installation, or have us repair your existing door. Either way, we want to work with you.

We are locally owned.

Owned and operated in Mooresville, ProTec has served residents in the area for more than a decade. We know the area better than our competition and know what it takes to serve you. Because we live in the neighborhoods we work in, you can be assured the best possible service, every step of the way.

You deserve the best.

Our goal is to be the go-to company Mooresville residents call when they have a problem. We accomplish that aim by delivering doors with the highest performance and the highest integrity. Here are some examples of how we go the extra mile.

  • When ProTec services a garage, we stand behind the work we do. This is why we use only the best products that come with outstanding warranties. We take the time to do every job perfectly, so you can be assured your door will work perfectly now and for years to come. It's our way of making sure you're taken care of.
  • Our technicians go through in-depth and extensive training before we certify them. We ensure that each one of our service providers is the most experienced and knowledgeable available. These specialists work directly for us and are locally based. Moreover, our staff members are well-uniformed and come in a fully stocked vehicle, so they can complete the repair project or installation job promptly.

If you need help right away, we are available for emergency garage door repairs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on holidays, with no extra charges.

We know affordability matters.

We know that you want to spend as little as possible for your garage door repair job. We will never overcharge you for the work we complete. You can feel confident that the price we quote is a fair rate, and you will not find a better price anywhere else.

Additionally, we never try to convince you to purchase additional services you do not need or want. This is something much different from what you will find with other garage door repair companies Mooresville residents choose to hire. At ProTec, we place as much importance on value and our affordable price structures as we do in the high quality of our work. This ensures that our customers can always contact us when they have a need for repair or replacement.

We can do it all.

ProTec Garage Door Services offers both residential and commercial repairs and installations throughout Mooresville, Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas of North Carolina. We have the doors and parts you need to complete even the most demanding projects here in North Carolina, including sealed bearing nylon rollers and high-cycle springs for a cycle rating of more than 25,000 to 30,000.

We're friendly.

Not every company you find online and call is going to be a locally-owned and operated garage door company. Some of these organizations may instead be call centers that are located halfway around the world. We believe that superior attention to detail and fantastic customer service are cornerstones for an exceedingly satisfied customer base.

Are you ready for us to fix your garage door?

If you are ready to do something about your garage door today, it's easy to get started. You can call us directly, or fill out our simple contact form and let us reach out to you. We are excited to help you repair or replace your door.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a garage door last?

Depending on how much you use the door, a well-maintained door can last more than 15 years. Our systems are rated for as many as 25,000 cycles. For example, if you use your door 10 times a week, over 20 years, that would add up to 10,400 cycles.

How long will I wait for a garage door repair?

We know a broken garage door needs to be addressed immediately. We are usually able to deliver same-day service, even on holidays. As soon as one of our qualified technicians become available, we'll dispatch them to you.

What are some frequent repairs on garage doors?

Often, we encounter failing garage door springs that need repaired or changed. These springs allow us to open and close garage doors easily. Because of the weight of garage doors, these springs are sturdy and carry a heavy load. Both torsion and extension springs are amazing inventions, but they don’t last forever. For the average homeowner, replacing one of these springs is fairly difficult and possibly even a bit dangerous. The task requires specialized tools and knowledge that many home handymen don’t possess.

How much does a garage door repair cost?

At ProTec, we take pride in making our pricing as reasonable as possible. Regardless of your budget, we recommend you ask us for a free quote over the phone, via email, or at the door. We don't charge hidden fees or other accessories. What you see is what you get. Call  (704) 228-7474 for a quote today!

I need my car, but my door is stuck. What do I do?

A lot of doors feature a cord that is used to temporarily pull the door off the ground. Bear in mind, though, garage doors are quite heavy. Don't worry if you can't lift the cord. If you can't seem to find this cord or don't think you can safely use it, feel free to give us a call.

Why won't my garage door close all the way?

Sometimes, a simple obstruction blocks the path of the door. It's a good idea to check the system for debris or other objects that may be snagging in the tracks. If a sensor is misaligned, that can trigger a system failure.

Should I fix my garage door myself?

Give a system a quick pass. Something could be blocking a sensor, etc. However, don't start taking apart your system, we advise against doing this for these reasons.

  • People have been known to get hurt trying to move garage doors without professional help. If a door is not moving, it can be unsafe for those nearby.
  • Garage door springs are strong devices, but they are tricky to fix without the knowledge and right tools. All of our repairs are trusted to certified technicians.
  • A garage door could be the largest moving piece of a house. If a door is poorly maintained, it can create other structural issues.

How does a garage door opener work?

Garage door openers use a combination of force from a motor, springs, and cables. Rollers guide doors along a track when the garage is in motion. Motors assist in regulating how high and low the door should be. Springs and cables are what suspend the door in the air.

Is it easy to find parts for my garage door?

Like many other appliances, garage doors and their accessories are expected to last decades. That can be a long time, especially for anything specialized. Manufacturers come and go, and so do models. That said, we always try our hardest to find the right parts or find suitable replacements.

Can I buy my own parts online?

Deciphering which parts are needed for a door can be difficult for even a skilled handyman. We like to get things right the first time. We recommend you have us find the parts for you. Our experienced technician know the models, their respective parts, and what is a good price for them.

When should garage drive rollers be replaced?

Provided that tracks and rollers are maintained in good conditions, rollers should last a very long time. However, if there is a bend in the track, that will sometimes cause a roller to wear differently. We use sealed bearing nylon rollers that are built to last.

Why does my garage door keep opening?

Many things could be happening. A button could be jammed in the remote. Nearby objects could be interfering with a sensor. Our technician will be able to determine the root cause rather quickly.

What parts go into a garage door?

A garage door opener is made of the following parts.

  • Springs
  • Motors
  • Rollers
  • Tracks
  • Pulleys
  • Cables

Who sells garage door parts?

It's a good idea to buy your parts through us because our team knows what it is doing. Other online companies may not have an accurate catalog. It's best to know what you're get. We don't want you to be stuck with parts you can't use.

Which garage door should I buy?

Many factors go into this choice such on your budget, your taste, and the style of your house. ProTec is able to install and maintain any garage door on the market.

What should I do if my garage door remote won't work?

First, take a look at your batteries and see if they need to be replaced. Occasionally, the remote can be reprogrammed, and that will take care of things. Dust and leaves have been known to get in the way of a sensor too. This would also be a good opportunity to review the manufacturer's instructions.

Why does my garage door stop halfway?

As time goes by, parts weaken. Because many parts are under constant pressure, they can be compromised with repeated use. Each of our technicians has a working knowledge of garage door parts and how likely they are to fail.

Why won't my garage door won't open or close in cold weather?

Garages are exposed to wider temperature ranges than other areas of the house. While surfaces and metals can expand in hot weather, they constrict in the wintertime. The elements can sometimes harden gunk that sits in the tracks. Check the flow of your track to see if they can be wiped clean of leaves or other objects.

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