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Garage Door Services Near You

Garage Door Services Near You

One of the easiest ways to enhance a home is to refurbish or replace the garage door. Located on the front or side of a house, garage doors add to the aesthetic of the exterior and help protect cars and other valuables from the elements.

That significance is also why mechanical problems in your door should not be overlooked, especially when it’s so easy to get them taken care of. We at ProTec Garage Door are committed to providing the quick service you need at a price you can afford.

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When a garage door fails, it needs the care of a skilled professional to get up and running again. At ProTec Garage Door, we’ve been around the block and fixed just about every problem a garage door can run into. Our technicians are heavily trained to where repairs are second nature.

Part of what separates us from other service companies is our commitment to prevention. Our yearly tune-ups stop problems in their tracks before they become more damaging and costly. The key to prevention is routine checks. Regular maintenance is the safest bet if you want to keep your door functioning properly for years to come. Even as little as 15 minutes can be the difference between an efficient door and a failing one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is ProTec Garage Door located?

We can perform repairs in the greater Charlotte area and many areas in Piedmont such as Hickory and Winston-Salem. We feel very privileged to be one of the premier garage door service providers in western North Carolina.

What usually goes wrong with garage doors?

One of the most frequent problems is the springs. They do all the heavy lifting and eventually break down and lose strength. Most people don’t have the special tools lying around that are needed to replace them. Electrical problems can also result in a failing door system.

How expensive will my repair be?

The repair cost is tough to estimate without knowing the problem or the door itself. This is why we provide quotes on the job or ahead of time at no charge. You can reach us by phone at (704) 837-1575 or by email.

How long will my doors last?

This varies with the usage. Some people are always in-and-out, and others consider themselves homebodies. We think of our systems in terms of cycles rather than years. We use springs that are built to last up to 30,000 cycles. That can last you for decades and add value if you ever plan to sell the house.

How do I fix a garage door remote?

Often, if a remote is failing, the problem could be the batteries. Try to replace them or see if there’s corrosion where the old ones were. Twigs and dirt can interfere with sensors. The remote could also need to be programmed again. Our technicians are well-versed in the inner workings of remotes and the instructions that come with them.

My vehicle's stuck inside, and my door won't open. What do you recommend?

We understand these things tend to happen at the most inconvenient times, but please do NOT try to lift or pry a door yourself. We cannot emphasize this enough. It poses a danger to you and the structure of your house. We work with broken doors every day and have equipment at our disposal to raise a door safely. Call us at (704) 837-1575, and we’ll send a technician out as soon as possible.

How does my garage door opener work?

A few different components go into a garage door opening system. These parts include motors, cables, tension springs, screws, tracks, wheels, and the door itself. The door is held in the air by cables and springs. When it’s time for the door to close, the motor powers the unit slowly down tracks that are mounted to the wall and the system responds to either your control panel or remote.

What should I do if my garage door won’t close completely?

First, make sure there’s nothing in the way. If you don’t see anything on the ground, give the tracks a thorough inspection. Sometimes, sticks or leaves can sneak in and interfere with the wheels. You’ll also want to look over your sensors. A remote can also fail. We can help you rule these problems out one by one.

Can I repair a garage door on my own?

It’s a good idea to review the main components to make sure it’s not an easy fix, but we don’t recommend you dismantle anything or attempt to lift a door yourself. Garage doors are tremendously heavy and can crush a person, causing injury and even death. We don’t want your door problem to be compounded by medical bills when our certified technicians are just a phone call away.

What would a new door cost?

The cost of a new garage door is surprisingly affordable, and installing a new door is something worth considering if your current unit is failing. If you give us a call, we can show you some options and give you a quote in no time.

How soon can you fix my door?

At ProTec Garage Door, we understand the urgency of repairing a broken door. For this reason, we can often send technicians within 24 hours. We’ll work with your schedule to make sure you’re inconvenienced. If you would like an update on a repair, call (704) 837-1575.

What is the perfect door?

A garage door is a prominent part of your house’s façade. As a practical combination of function and form, a garage door is an investment that will attract attention and compliments from neighbors and future homebuyers alike.

When you’re ready to upgrade or install a door on a new home, our experts at ProTec Garage Door can help with every step of the way.

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