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One of the easiest ways to enhance a home is to refurbish or replace the garage door. Being located on the front or side of a house, garage doors add to the aesthetic of the exterior and help protect cars and other valuables from the elements.

That significance is also why mechanical problems in your door should not be overlooked, especially when it’s so easy to get them taken care of. We at ProTec are committed to providing the quick service you need at a price you can afford.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a garage door last?

It's not so much how old the door is, but how many cycles it's performed. There are some doors that last for decades, but all doors eventually reach the point where they become too costly to maintain. Our units are designed to endure as many as 25,000 cycles. If a unit is opened an average of twice a day, that's more than 30 years of solid performance.

How do I fix a garage door that won’t close perfectly?

The initial step would be ensuring there are no obstructions in the path of the door. If nothing is blocking the door from the ground, turn your attention to the tracks along the wall. Sometimes, rocks and leaves will collect where the rollers travel, and this can seriously grind them over time. Light or physical obstructions can prevent a sensor from functioning properly. If nothing sticks out, feel free to call us, and we can look with a fresh set of eyes.

What can I do about a broken garage door remote?

Remote controls don't last forever, and if one is not working like it should, it's often due to the batteries. Take the cover off and inspect the interior for corrosion. It's also a good idea to confirm there is nothing in the way of the sensor. This is especially important in garages where space is at a premium. Sometimes, resetting a remote can get it working properly again. Our trained experts know the units and their respective remotes well enough to make recommendations.


Where's the best place to buy replacement parts?

Door models and manufacturers can be difficult to navigate for beginners, so we recommend our customers go through us. Our technicians know the mechanics of each unit inside and out, and we have established relationships with each of our suppliers. We want to be sure your door is equipped with the right parts fine-tuned to perfection and for the right price.

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