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You can trust ProTec Garage Door for the same rapid and reliable garage door repairs that we have provided in Charlotte, North Carolina, for over 10 years. We send professional technicians to your home or business. We always offer accurate price quotes, expert diagnosis, and quality products and services. We also guarantee our work, and you can bet that we won’t be satisfied until you are satisfied. In addition, you can also count on us to provide repair services all through Mecklenburg County and the surrounding communities.

When you need garage door repairs in Charlotte, North Carolina, call ProTec first. Our family-owned, local garage door business thrives because of our good reputation with your friends and neighbors. We only use quality parts and do jobs correctly the first time. Many of our clients say that our repairs make their overhead doors work better than they ever did before. Contact us for both commercial and residential overhead door repairs, service and installation. We offer emergency repairs and free estimates, too.

24/7 emergency garage door repairs

A highlight of our service is 24/7 emergency garage door repairs here in Charlotte. We know that a broken garage door or malfunctioning opener can be an inconvenience and a security issue. When you can’t get your car out of the garage or close the overhead door, you have a major problem. However, we can turn that big problem into a minor inconvenience. We schedule same-day visits for your urgent problems with broken garage door springs, malfunctioning openers, doors that have come off of the tracks, and everything else that could go wrong with your door or electronics. For fast, reliable emergency garage door repairs, call without delay - (704) 896-6631.

Avoid emergency garage door repair scams online

Along with many other online scams, we are sad to report an increase in the number of Internet garage door repair scams. In these cases, lead companies put up websites and optimize them to rank well in the search engines for communities. The problem is that these aren’t even Charlotte, North Carolina, companies. Instead, they are simply marketing companies that probably aren’t located in North Carolina. Often, they aren’t even located in the United States.

The result of calling the toll-free phone numbers on these sites is simply getting connected with a call center. Again, this call center is probably not local, and it may not even be in the U.S. If you request emergency garage door repairs, you have no idea who will show up at the door to your house or your business. It certainly won’t be a company that’s associated with the website. It will just be whoever purchased the sales lead.

These so-called repair services are famous for overcharging for simple repairs, not guaranteeing their work, and in the worst cases, using the sales call to gain entry into your building for a criminal purpose.

At ProTec Garage Door, we know that you have choices about which business you choose to call for garage door repairs, installations, and maintenance. We urge you to consider checking out any company with which you plan to do business to make sure that the business is really a licensed, local business. Of course, we hope you choose to call us first. In many cases, we get called out to “fix” the “repairs” that were made by a no-name repair person the first time.

Broken garage door spring repair specialists.

One of the most common and urgent tasks that we handle here in Charlotte is the repair of broken extension or torsion springs. Average garage doors are awkward to handle and can weigh hundreds of pounds. Besides that, garage door springs are under a large amount of tension. To get these springs repaired quickly and safely, you need the services of local professionals who show up with the right tools and the expertise to replace those broken springs fast.

We always use high-cycle garage door springs with a rating of 25,000 to 30,000 cycles. Standard garage door springs are usually only rated for 8,000 to 10,000 cycles. Our stronger springs should last for three times as long, so you won’t have to worry about broken garage door spring repairs again for a very long time.

Many large garage doors have more than one spring. Our technicians will almost always advise you to get all of the springs replaced at the same time. This is because the new spring won’t be in balance with the old, worn springs. Besides, if one spring has already broken, the others are accidents waiting to happen. Getting a whole set of new springs will virtually always end up saving you time and money.

Brand-new garage doors.

One simple way to greatly improve your home’s external appearance is to replace the garage doors with new ones. We can provide you with professionally installed residential and commercial garage doors. You can choose rugged, steel doors that hold up under hard use and rough weather conditions. Alternatively, you might choose eco-friendly doors that help keep your home insulated and are manufactured from sustainable materials. We can always find the perfect door to match and enhance your home’s style.

Garage door operators, keypads, remotes and electronics.

We can repair and install all sorts of garage door electronics. Besides just replacing remotes or repairing garage door openers, we can also offer you the latest in garage door keypad systems. Imagine how convenient it would be if your family or employees had a code to get into your home if they ever forgot their keys. The latest garage door electronics can make access to your house or building much more convenient and secure. Once these programmable systems get installed, you are always free to change the codes.

You can trust ProTec Garage Door in Charlotte

Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their garage and other overhead doors. That is, they don’t think about them until something goes wrong. At ProTec, we hope that our brand is the first one that you’ll think of when you need garage door work done right for an affordable and transparent price. As a licensed business in this community, we prosper because of our good reputation for reliable and reasonable services.

Call or email us today. Don’t delay. Just call us: (704) 896-6631. You can also use the contact form on our website to send us your questions. We are always eager to help our neighbors and offer free quotes. Remember that we have been helping our neighbors in Charlotte and the surrounding towns with garage door repairs and installations for over a decade.

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